Planning a Meeting in Hawaii


For many years Hawaii has been known as one of the great meeting destinations in the world. Among the many reasons for Hawaii's  success is the fabulous weather, the aloha spirit, beautiful scenery, cultural & geographic diversity, lots to do, great food, easy driving, excellent hotels and the list goes on.  Much has changed in Hawaii during the past few years and it is with great pleasure we present these 10 exciting new reasons to meet in the islands.

  1. The Hawaii Convention Center.  State-of-the-art facility.  It has been called the best in the country by more than one planner.  Offers well over 300,000 square feet in meeting and exhibit space.  Easily accessible from all Waikiki hotels.
  2. Location.   Hawaii is in the middle of the Pacific Ocean.  It is nearly halfway between the U.S. and Asia.  What better place to meet in todays interconnected global economy-especially when Asia's fast track economies are rapidly expanding and an increasing number of U.S. companies have a growing worldwide presence?
  3. Access.   Honolulu International is one of the busiest airports in the United States.  It is served by a growing number of domestic & international carriers.  All neighbor island airports have been expanded and now offer non-stop service from the west coast and interior cities.
  4. Cost.   It is now possible to book a program in Hawaii for less than it cost 10 years ago.  Recent U.S. economic activity has created significant benefits for buyers.  Combined with always reasonable airfares, it is often more expensive to go to Arizona or Florida than it is to book Hawaii.
  5. Facilities.   Perhaps the highest concentration of first class hotels in the world can be found in Hawaii.  Service levels are high, employees are well trained and the properties themselves are second to none.  All are well equipped to handle the most demanding meetings.
  6. Recreation.   There is now more to do in Hawaii during an attendee's free time than there has ever been previously.  Most properties offer bigger & better activity pools.  Health spas are common and there is an abundance of golf.  New restaurants and attractions have emerged.  Hawaii lends itself to self-directed activities such as walking, jogging, biking and hiking.
  7. Shopping.   Honolulu has become one of the great shopping destinations in the world.  Neiman Marcus, Nordstrom's and an expanded Ala Moana Shopping Center are but a few recent additions.  There is something for everyone-all within walking distance of 36,000 hotel rooms.
  8. Science & Technology.  On Maui alone, one can visit the desert, the mountains, a tropical rain forest, a temperate environment and the ocean all on the same day.  The Maui Hi-Tech Research Park draws meetings from around the world.  Aquaculture, agriculture and volcanoes bring groups to the Big Island.
  9. Families.  More and more meetings in today's world involve families.  Many newer attractions and activities were designed with children in mind.  Most of the hotels have organized children's programs.  The cultural exposure these children get at a young age is priceless. 
  10. All of the old reasons